BT Audio

BTAudio is a shareware Windows Mobile application that enables the use of ordinary Bluetooth headsets for listening to audio such as Media Player streams, Audible eBooks, TomTom Navigator, NES emulators, and many more.

To use BTAudio:

  1. Make sure your bluetooth headset is paired and activated.
  2. Run BTAudio
  3. Click the checkbox to send all device audio to your headset
  4. Done!

The downloadable free version has two limitations:

  1. Any incoming phone call will "interrupt" the Bluetooth stream this application opens. After your phone call ends, you will have to return to this application and re-enable the audio. The "full" version of the application removes this limitation.

  2. The application will only run for 30 minutes at a time. After 30 minutes, it will exit automatically, and you will have to re-start it manually.

If you require a "fully hands-free" version of the program which will automatically re-enable itself after a phone call, use one of the "Buy Now" buttons below.

For Windows Mobile Pocket PC Edition (Touchscreen devices)
For Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition (Non-touchscreen devices)
Your software will be delivered to the email address on your Paypal account. It is usually delivered within moments of the purchase.

If you do not receive your registered copy, please contact me directly. dave {AT}

Software/System Requirements

Download a Free Demo

BTAudio Installation Instructions

Having Problems with BTAudio?
Have a look at the BTAudio discussion in my blog entry. Many people have commented about the software there, and it's possible I have already answered your question there.

Known Issues
Some devices do not come from the manufacturer with the "Audio Gateway" profile enabled. It is sometimes possible to "hack" the device to re-enable this functionality, but the procedures to do so are beyond the scope of this page. Google searches like "{device name} enable bluetooth audio gateway registry" may yield information from other enthusiasts who have figured it out for your device.

This is the list of devices I currently know of that are unsupported for this reason:

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